Tuesday, 9 August 2011

What's the first thing on your mind when you hear "war"? It's the worst nightmare for every people around the world. There's no advantage, just injured that stay for years.

Many people lost their future because of war. For example, the unlucky women in Indonesia who was useb by Japanese soldier in 1990's for their "happiness". Now, they will not have a good future. They're avoid by men, so they're hard to find husband. They also don't get money from government, even they're the victims. but, in 2000's, they finally got money as a refund. It was so sad. They got it when they have already old.

That's just one example of the bad side of war. In Palestine, children has no future. They have no family. All they think just gun and revenge. They're Israel soldier's target. Israel thinks that children in Palestine is the generation who will take away their land. Israel wants to expand their land. By the time, Palestine land gets decrease and Israel still wants to arrogate Palestine's land.

The war still exist until one side say "give up". But there's no escape. People in occupied country has to survive and defend their rights. Peace is more beautiful. War destroys many people's hopes and future.

Firda Fadhilah

What People Will Eat in Next Few Decades?

Food, what do we think when we hear that word? Maybe that is the delicious thing that we eat everyday. Where do they came from? Of course nature. But what happen if they eventually deplete as we pass through the day, no food left? So what we will eat if there is no natural resources left? We can only pray to God for the best :)
Today, maybe we eat a lot of nice delicious foods, fresh handmade foods, and even special food that only top notch cooks can cook. Nature produce food on its own way, and human CANNOT recreate nature the way nature used to be. Why food resources can deplete? because nature needs room to grow, to produce, and to create. But the room needed by nature to grow, is disappearing day after day. 
Logically, carnivores get their food from herbivores, and herbivores get theirs from nature. As we know, irresponsible human cut down forest and all natural resources till its gone AND it's all for their own purpose.
Maybe this what gonna happen in next few years:
  1. All forest in the world cut down till there's nothing left
  2. Herbivores dying because there's not enough food for them to eat
  3. Carnivores also dying because Herbivores are gone
  4. We don't have enough food to eat and to live because there's no food left
  5. We rely from human made food which is very unhealthy, eventually we die
All those predictions can be true, or wrong. Depends on what kind of action we gonna take now. Go conserve nature resources or use them irresponsibly. What will we eat then?

M. Rizqi Abdul Aziz

Our Future

Earth's destruction is imminent. The world will be nothing but burnt soil with waves of lava. We will be gone by the time that happens though. There are many causes for the future conditions stated before, and the causes are things that we can prevent. One of the causes is our mean of transportation except the ones that are human-powered.
Since the invention of the engine, means of transportation have used what nature has given like gas and gasoline. How can the gift of nature destruct itself? Actually, they don't. Human has tampered in a way or another to ease their days. The long chain of hydrocarbon that makes up gasoline is heated and converted in to heat, energy, and pollutant. Pollutant kills the living and destroys life sustainer, our own Mother Nature.
Carbon monoxide, an example of pollutant, can actually choke human to death by chaining up with Hemoglobin, leaving Oxygen behind.
Methane, a type of greenhouse-gas, is able to pile up high on the atmosphere that leads to entrapment of sun's heatray that leads to global warming. How ironic....
So, there will be 2 scenarios of life in the next 50 years, they are:
1. Pollutants that pose risk to human by being able to kill. After a while, human will extinct and Mother Nature will be able to cure itself.
2. Pollutants that pose risk to the nature will eventually win its fight against the nature while human will still live. The landscape of Earth will turn to a barren wasteland which will not be able to sustain life anylonger and human and all creatures will die.
In the end, I am quite certain neither human nor nature will survive if we keep doing this. The force of destruction will not prevail as we do not do things that endanger our nature.

Modern technology
Owes ecology
An apology.
~Alan M. Eddison

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